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A video has 25 pictures a second.

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Bernard O'Shea in RTE Television Studios

Press Photographer: Stephen Kampff

Big Jobs,

Small Jobs,

And everything in between.

Head Camera Op: Philip DeFranco Visits Dublin The online star and co-founder of Maker Studios drew a crowd of thousands into Dublin's Convention Centre. I was under James Haffner, DeFranco Creative's producer, as the head camera man and also taking care of audio.
Commercial: Protein Protein brand, For Goodness Shakes, wanted to promote their brand alongside famous GAA star Aidan O'Shea. In his hometown pitch, I directed and edited the video. It was produced by LoveMedia, when I was their Creative Director.
Events: TED TEDxDCU brought in a host of ex-alumni from Dublin City University. My only regrets from this job is that I can't find the TED Badge that I was given.
Ice Bucket: JP Morgan Very odd day, having every employee of JP Morgan shuffle out to take part in their Ice Bucket Challenge. A great cause for MND Ireland. 
I did this as part of a startup called ViralM - JP Morgan supported us throughout it's running. I was the DP/Editor for ViralM.
Behind the Scenes: The Hit Going live on RTÉ every Friday night, the Hit's behind the scenes packages were used to generate buzz for the show and it's sponsors.
Corporate Event: Think Global Forum The Think Global Forum brought some of the sharpest minds in the travel and hospitality industry together. Kicking off in Seattle, I covered the event and the subsequent content that was needed to promote further events of it's kind.
A helicopter was used for external shots of Hotel 1000 and the city. I used a gimbal to stabilise the camera and it worked a treat.
Short Film: The Addict This short film was unbelievably fun to direct and edit. It won two awards, from DCU's Media Production Society and the Student Hybrid Media Awards.
Comedy: Ireland's Newest Boy Band Playing on topical news at the time, Ireland's Newest Boy Band is part of a series of sketches revolving around four young men trying to make money in creative ways. The format was submitted to RTÉ's Storyland, however it didn't make the cut last year.
Writing: Fstoppers As a Staff Writer with Fstoppers, the staple Photography publication, I've published weekly articles revolving around the photography and videography worlds. It's refreshing being able to dive deeply into topics, since the audience is so niche. I interview top people in the photography and cinematography industries, and love every bit of it.
Writing: Whitenoise/Gizmodo I was accepted to write for Whitenoise, a subsidiary to Gizmodo (who would then select these articles for their main page). I created two series: Help Me Grow Up, which was written before I went to college; Jailbroken Apps of the Week, which complimented Gizmodo's 'Apps of the Week' but for the hacking community. Audience participation was brilliant on the platform.
Developing: Slingshot Academy Slingshot Academy is a social entrepreneur project that wants to help kids learn about university courses from an unbiased source - the university students themselves. I created the new website for Slingshot, as well as all of the content on it. Interviews, pieces of advice and the blog (not written by me) populate the site and give students something to interact with between the live events.
Animation: 12 Points Jazz Festival Who'd want to go to a Jazz Festival that doesn't have a snazzy animation? This was a great chance to show off how international the festival is, spanning the EU.
Broadcast Title Sequence: Division Division was Ann Doyle's return to television after her final goodbye as Ireland's New's Anchor. A game to get you thinking, it needed an appropriate title sequence to match.
Broadcast Title Sequence: The Hit As well as creating the album artwork for iTunes, I created the motion graphic for it's broadcast pilot. The Hit was then brought to series by RTÉ where I created Behind the Scenes packages.
Broadcast Graphics: The Irish Country Music Awards Deemed to be the most successful ICMA broadcast to date, I created the graphics, edited the VTs* and made the graphics for the set (print and digital). A lot of work but it all paid off! The live event honored some of the most beloved stars in the country music business.

*Two VTs weren't edited by me, and the logo wasn't designed by me.
Corporate Animation: Solgari Even when brands rely on B2B contact with clients, a video explaining exactly what they offer is a no brainer. In this animation, 7 services were condensed into one video. It's clean, simple and sends a clear message.

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